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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to any Growth Animation LTD workshops we provide. By booking one of our workshops, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.



The terms “we”, “us”, “our” refer to Growth Animation LTD, employees and delivery tutors.

These terms and conditions shall also apply to any person attending a class/course including any person that is the recipient of a gift voucher, any person attending a class/course booked by another or a person that attends a class in substitution for the person that made the booking, and references to “you” are deemed to include references to such attendee(s).

  1. Who we are and how to contact us

  2. We are Growth Animation LTD, a company registered in Scotland under company number SC698251.

  3. If you have any queries or wish to contact us, you can do so through our contact form on our website or by emailing:

2. The booking process and your contract with us 

  1. To book a participant on a Growth Animation LTD workshop you must complete our form located on our website. If you are an organisation or group looking to book a bespoke workshop, you can do so through using our contact information. By completing our form or attending a Growth Animation LTD workshop you are accepting these terms and conditions. 

  2. Where we can accommodate and accept your booking, we will notify you. Where we confirm your booking verbally, we will also send you an email confirming acceptance provided you have provided us with your email address for this purpose. Once we confirm acceptance of your booking or you attend the booked Growth Animation LTD Workshop, a contract is formed which includes these terms and conditions.

  3. We are not obliged to accept your booking. If we cannot accept your booking for any reason, we will tell you and no contract will be formed between you and us and you will not be charged.

  4. If the person placing the booking is not the person who will be accompanying and having care and control of the participant attending the booked Growth Animation LTD workshop (referred to in these terms and conditions as the carer) then you are responsible for ensuring that the carer has read and complies with these terms and conditions. You are responsible for the carer’s behaviour and any breach of these terms and conditions by the carer.


3. Price and payment

  1. The price of the Growth Animation LTD Workshop you wish to book will be the price we tell you at the time of your booking as stated on the workshop you select or as detailed by us in an email (if you enquire about a group or organisation bespoke workshop).

  2. Prices for classes and courses are identified on the Workshop page of our website. 

  3. All classes must be paid in full at the time of booking unless otherwise stated.  Your place is not guaranteed until full payment has been made.

  4. You can pay for a class through our website via our payment service providers or by invoice if booking for a bespoke workshop for a group or organisation

  5. Our prices are continually under review and could potentially alter depending on the specialism of the workshop, equipment provided, delivery costs and cost of material.

  6. Refunds and Cancellation

  7. If you cancel your booking within and up to 14 days from the confirmation of your booking, you will receive a refund, minus a £30 administration charge. If the 14 days cancellation period falls in the middle of a Growth Animation LTD Workshop, a refund will be provided for the remaining workshops minus a £30 administration charge. You will be required to pay in full any attended sessions. In the instance that a class provides you with your materials, a further £30 will be deducted from your refund to cover the material cost. 

4. Refunds and Cancellation


  1. If you cancel after the 14 days from the confirmation of your booking, we do not offer any refund and will retain 100% of your payment

  2. Your non-attendance of the class due to illness or personal circumstances does not provide the right to a refund or credit. 

  3. If you have ordered a bespoke workshop for an organisation and miss a class that cannot be rescheduled due to circumstances out with our control, including but not limited too, venue booking issues, does not provide the right to refund or credit and we will retain 100% of payment. 


5. Termination


  1. We reserve the right to cancel a class. Reasons for this may be, but not restricted to, weather warnings and tutor illness. If your class is cancelled by us, we will look to reschedule the class. If that class does not fit your timetable, you will receive a refund for the value of the class missed only. We shall not be liable for any other consequential loss. 

  2. If you fail to comply with our instructions and health and safety rules you will be unable to participate in the class and will be asked to leave the class immediately. In this circumstance we do not offer any refund and will retain 100% of your payment.  We shall not be liable for any other consequential loss.

  3. If we in our sole and absolute discretion, consider that you have behaved in an unacceptable manner then we reserve the right to require you to leave the course immediately. All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner and in accordance with our rules and regulations and to recognise that other participants also require support and assistance. In this circumstance we do not offer any refund and will retain 100% of your payment. We shall not be liable for any other consequential loss. 


6. Your right to request changes

If you wish to make a change to the time, date, or venue of the booked Growth Animation LTD Workshop (for a bespoke booking for group or organisation), please contact us and we will tell you if the change is possible and any changes to the price or anything else which would be necessary as a result. You will then be asked to confirm if you wish to go ahead with the change. If the requested change cannot be made or the consequences of making the change are unacceptable to you, you may want to cancel. Please see section 4) regarding refunds and cancellations. 

7. Photographs and Media 

You are welcome to take photos of your creative progress throughout the workshop. You need to obtain the verbal permission of other students and your delivery team to take a photo of other’s work. Your instructor may take photos/film of the workshop. These photos may or may not be used for marketing purposes including (but not limited to) use in websites, social media, blogs, advertising, print media and more. If you do not wish to be in photos from the class or you do not wish to give your consent for your images to be used for marketing purposes, then it is your responsibility to inform the delivery team at the start of the workshop. For anyone under 18 participating in our classes, a media consent form will be signed prior to starting the first session. Any participant under the age of 16 must have a media consent form filled out by a parent / guardian.  


8. Exclusions of Liability

We are not responsible for delays outside our control including (but not limited to) epidemics or pandemics, acts of God, or compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation, or direction. If your booked Growth Animation LTD Workshop is delayed or prevented by an event outside our control (such as a pandemic or epidemic) we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay,(such as providing the workshop through another format e.g. online classes (particularly where a pandemic or government guidance requires a regional closure meaning we cannot offer the Growth Animation LTD Workshop in person).

Provided we have informed you and taken such steps to minimise the effect, we will not be liable for such delays and you are not entitled to terminate on the basis of the delay.  However, if there is a risk of substantial delay and we are unable to minimise the effect of this, then you may contact us to end the contract and receive a refund for any Growth Animation Workshop LTD you have paid for but not received.

  1. We are only responsible to you for foreseeable loss and damage caused by us where we have either failed to comply with these terms and conditions or have failed to use reasonable care and skill. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the contract was made, you and we knew it might happen.

  2. We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for: death or personal injury caused by our negligence or that of our employee’s agents or sub-contractors; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; and for breach of your legal rights, including the right for the Growth Animation LTD to be supplied with reasonable skill and care.

  3. As the Growth Animation LTD Workshops are for domestic and private use and enjoyment, we are not liable to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or loss of business opportunity. 

  4. Growth Animation LTD, or any party (whether or not involved in creating, producing, maintaining or delivering this website), exclude all liability and responsibility for any amount or kind of loss or damage that may result to you or a third party in connection with this website in any way or in connection with the use or the results of use of this website. 

  5. If your use of material on this website results in the need for servicing, repair or correction of equipment, software, or data, you assume all the costs thereof.


9. Your Responsibility

  1. You promise and represent to us that:​

    1. the information you provide at the time of your booking is complete and accurate and that any changes will be notified to us immediately.

    2. when attending any Growth Animation LTD Workshop neither you nor any carer or the child attending will knowingly be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease(s). We ensure appropriate measures are in place such as, hand hygiene, regular cleaning, social distancing measures and thorough risk assessment procedure. If your child (or anyone in your household) is unwell, even with a mild cough or fever, they should stay at home and will not be permitted to attend the booked workshop

    3. when attending any Growth Animation LTD Workshop neither you nor any carer will use any photographic or recording equipment.

    4. the participant attending the booked Growth Animation LTD Workshop will be obliged to take care of their own belongings. We cannot accept any liability for lost or damaged belongings

    5. Workshops can result in paint, clay, plasticine, or other materials being used and in turn runs the risk of getting on clothing and personal items. We advise you to wear old clothes to all workshops. We take no responsibility for damages incurred in workshops.

    6. if there is a risk that the child attending the booked Growth Animation LTD Workshop suffers from a medical condition that may require the administration of medication that you or a carer will remain in attendance, or the child should (unless we have otherwise agreed in writing) be able to administer the medication themselves and any medication must be clearly labelled. You acknowledge that we do not administer medication

2. You agree to comply with and will ensure that any carer attending the Growth Animation LTD Workshop in your place will comply with all health and safety rules and procedures in place at the venue where the Growth Animation LTD Workshop is being held.

3. You acknowledge and agree that you and your child (and any carer) attend the Growth Animation LTD Workshop at your own risk and that we cannot be held responsible for any spread of infection or contraction of Covid-19 unless we are shown to have been negligent and this caused the transmission.

Important – Please read the following 

4. Whilst we give you the option to provide us with information about your child’s health and needs, you acknowledge that neither we nor our staff are medically trained and are not qualified to assess whether you or your child are fit and well enough to participate. Please contact your GP if you are in any doubt before booking. Also, if you, the carer or your child feels unwell before or during a Growth Animation LTD Workshop please let us know as soon as possible.


10. How your personal information will be used

Growth Animation LTD will use the personal information you provide to us strictly in accordance with the terms of the Growth Animation LTD Privacy Notice which is available on request by emailing or at


You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time at this page.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check our website periodically for changes.


Date: 3rd October 2021

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